Bingo is Better…

than Jeopardy style review games. As a teacher I’ve found Jeopardy reviews to be frustrating. Many students were bored and only the most competitive students were engaged. Jeopardy just doesn’t encourage all students to participate.  Finally once the answers are revealed the game can’t be played again. I’ve found, on the other hand, that Bingo reviews allow everyone a chance to win not just the fastest students. The first round can be played collaboratively with everyone helping everyone else get the right answer. Swapping cards and playing several rounds reinforces learning. There is no wasted time on score keeping either. The winner of each round gets a small prize and the game starts again. The students really enjoyed it!

Bingo can be used for a variety of questions and also image identification. A 5 x 5 Bingo card can be used for up to 75 questions. You can google “bingo card generator” or follow this link:

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