Evolution in Action


Darwin’s Finches

I just finished a week of subbing for some Pre-IB Biology classes. When I got arrived in the morning I realized that there was no powerpoint or other document. I don’t like to just lecture so I quickly put a Google Slide document together in the planning period before classes started. Evolution in Action  My slides cover the material from section 15.3 in the textbook Modern Biology. I wanted to give students plenty of examples that would help them understand and remember the concepts.

For the following two days students were supposed to do the natural selection simulation lab at the end of the chapter. Unfortunately students were not able to get the paper and plastic straw “birds” to fly. Students were giving up and becoming disengaged. What to do? Adapt!  I found a great online simulation with a pdf that got the students engaged and learning.

SEPUP Natural Selection Simulation

SEPUP Natural Selection pdf


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